Fishitales Reviews

Five Row Name Bracelet In this bracelet you can put names on it.In my case I wrote TOYS because of "Justin's Toys". If you want you can print the letters on Justin's toys website.
Happy Carrot Charm In this charm you can put a face on a carrot.In my opinion this is very long and hard,but the turnout is great.It is about four inches tall.
One Loom Checkerboard Bracelet In this bracelet you have to do lots of transferring to different sides of the loom.This is a pretty hard bracelet.On my first one I messed up. 
Headphones Charm In this charm you have to have a piece of wire to make the top stand up.One of the down sides is that on mine the rubber band " wires" got tangled.It's not very difficult.
Infusion Bracelet This is a very cool bracelet.This is the version when you pull it but you can have it both ways.It is a growing down bracelet.It is not that hard to make it.  
Kaleidoscope Bracelet When I made this it was to big so probably don't make it that big.It was pretty easy but you need two looms.
Happy Marshmallow Charm This is a very cool charm.It doesn't have pony beads like the carrot.It is about two inches tall.
Mustache Tail Cuff This takes a very long time to make.I do not like to wear it because it is big around my wrist.
Piano Bracelet This bracelet is awesome if you play or played piano.It is pretty easy but you have to loop some bands to make the keys.  
Sailors Pinstripe Bracelet This is a double sided bracelet.You can see everything on both sides.It also has stripes on both sides.
Unicorn Charm This charm is very hard.It has tons of bands.My favorite parts are the mane and the tail.
Feather bracelet
Dragon fishtail bracelet
Flexafish bracelet

NHL Stanley cup charm