My Entry for the Hackaday Logo Contest


Hackaday is having a contest to see where people can put the Hackaday skull and wrenches logo.  I thought I would take a little time and throw my hat into the ring.  The pictures included in this post are of the logo engraved onto a dime.  The engraved image is .064 inches tall.  The judging criteria is partially based on the size of the logo.  That is to say preference will be given to very large and very small logos.


My machine has a lot of backlash (about 6% of the image size) so I set it up to cut scan lines in one direction.  Since the machine is always cutting in the same direction the backlash doesn’t show up in the engraving.

The surface of the dime was not flat so I had to make a second pass to cut the right hand side of the image a little deeper (.002 inches).  I used Dmap2gcode to generate the original g-code and I used G-Code Ripper to split the g-code in half so I could cut only the right half of the image on the second pass.


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