ScorchCAD Updates (Version 2016.05.04)


In the past week I have updated ScorchCAD a couple of times.  The first update helped verify that the autocomplete function in the ScorchCAD Editor was causing cashing and other bad behavior on some android devices.  Since the autocomplete function was causing problems I added a menu option in the editor to disable the feature.  In the latest version the autocomplete function is turned off by default.  The reason I did this is because I imagine it would be very frustrating to download ScorchCAD and have it crash or otherwise act badly in the first few seconds of trying to write code in the editor.  So if you like the auto complete function you will need to enable it on your device after the upgrade.

The second Item that I want to mention here is another menu option that I added in the editor.  This item is called “Link File”.  “Link File” will automatically generate the OpenSCAD code to “include” a file from your devices file system.  The file to link is selected using a file selection dialog then the code to include the selected file is automatically generated.  This essentially links the external file to ScorchCAD allowing the user to edit the linked (included) file using an external editor of their choice.  To compile a file that was edited with an external editor it is just a matter of switching back to ScorchCAD and selecting the compile button.  The link command will also work with STL and DXF files.  STL and DXF files will automatically generate an “import” command rather than “include”.