F-Engrave Command Line Options


Version 1.21 of F-Engrave is now available.  More command line options have been added.

A new batch mode (-b,–batch) that skips the GUI.  Engraving text input on the command line (-t, –text “text”).  Pipe characters “|” are mapped to carriage returns in the text input box.  The -f option can now be used to specify the font directory, font file or image file (BMP, DXF, etc).

This is a dump of the command line options in V1.21:
Usage: python f-engrave.py [-g file | -f fontdir | -d directory | -t text | -b ]
-g : f-engrave gcode output file to read (also –gcode_file)
-f : path to font file/directory or image file (also –fontdir)
-d : default directory (also –defdir)
-t : engrave text (also –text)
-b : batch mode (also –batch)
-h : print this help (also –help)



3 thoughts on “F-Engrave Command Line Options

  1. Michael Bader

    Hi, i would like to use f-engrave-1.30_win in batch mode, however fail. Release 1.22 works fine for me. What’s the reason? Any suggestion?

    1. Scorch Post author

      Ooops, looks like I accidentally broke batch mode in Version 1.30. I should be able to post a new version, with batch mode working, tonight. Thanks for letting me know it is broken.

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