G-Code Splitting Progress


I have been making progress on the g-code splitting program (yet to be named).  I think I have all of feature for the initial release, including the graphic user interface (GUI), complete.  I have more testing to do before I post the program.  I have included some pictures from a test cut.  The picture above shows half of a split image cut.  The picture below shows the same board with the second half of the image cut.  To the left of the large eagle cut using the splitting program is a smaller eagle that is as large as I could cut on my machine without splitting the image and flipping the board between cuts.


I used pins on the back side of the board to maintain alignment between the first and second cuts.  The picture below shows the pins on the back side of the work piece and the pin holes in the scrap board mounted to my CNC machine.


I am not sure how long it will be before I release the splitting program bu I expect it will be one to three weeks from now.