G-Code Wrapping with G-Code Ripper


G-Code Ripper version 0.03 has been posted to the G-Code Ripper Homepage.  The new version has more plotting options including more isometric view angles.  The big addition in this version is the ability to map g-code from the X or Y axis to a rotary axis A or B.  This functionality is very similar to CNC wrapper.

G-Code Ripper: G-Code Wrapping Features

  • Graphical preview of the resulting g-code.
  • Automatically maps g-code arcs to linear movements prior to conversion to rotary moves.
  • Options for scaling feed rates to make them compatible with the rotary movements.
  • Interpret g-code variables and equations.
  • G-code Rippers basic features can also be used to scale and rotate the g-code before wrapping the code for the rotary axis.

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