ScorchCAD Version .04


After a summer break from ScorchCAD development I am back at it.  The latest version of ScorchCAD is available on Google Play.  ScorchCAD is also now available on the Amazon App Store.

Here are the highlights of the new features:

  • Hull
  • Multmatrix
  • 2D shapes (circle, square, polygon)
  • 2D boolean operations
  • Resize
  • Intersection_for
  • Nested for loops (i.e. for(i=[1:5],j=[1:5]) )
  • Polyhedron
  • norm
  • cross
  • min
  • max

Additionally there are some usability changes.  ScorchCAD will now backup the current data in the code editor when the compile button is pressed.  This data is reloaded when a new session of ScorchCAD is started.  This will allow for data recovery in the event of a crash.  Additionally ScorchCAD is now associated with *.scad, *.stl, and *.dxf file extensions.  So from a file manager you can click on one of these files and ScorchCAD will show up in the available programs to open the file.  File associativity also works for *.scad files in e-mail attachments.