F-Engrave V1.32


F-Engrave Version 1.32 is now available on the F-Engrave Web Page.  This release includes a few minor items that I have had backlogged for a while.  The items are listed below.

– Added limit to the length of the engraved text included in g-code file comment (to prevent error with long engraved text)

– Changed number of decimal places output when in mm mode to 3 (still 4 places for inches)

– Changed g-code format for G2/G3 arcs to center format arcs (generally preferred format)

-Hard coded G90 and G91.1 into g-code output to make sure the output will be interpreted correctly by g-code interpreters.

2 thoughts on “F-Engrave V1.32

  1. Viltu

    I love your program! I have created many gifts with it, thank you.

    But from time to time I miss ability use 1:1 scale and origo from dxf file. I don’t think it would be hard to implement a choise to select image origin and size 1:1 from drawing or manually like now.

    Sometimes I want to carve center of the object with lower depth setting, like 1 mm and then outer area (background) with greater depth. I do this by creating two different images and then calculate routes for them with different depth setting. When done correctly, center of the obect will stand out and it will create more 3D like effect.

    When I use this method, it is sometimes hard or impossible to get different images to match both in size and origin.

    1. Scorch Post author

      I definitely can see that using the original size from a DXF file would be useful when combining images. I will look into adding an option to scale from the original size when in image mode. Thanks for the feedback.

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